Final Fantasy S SKILLS

Combat Skill
– Weapon Proficiency Ahrms- Grants Familiarity with Pistol/Rifles/Cannon type guns

– Breeding- Grants Familiarity with Breeding for optimal traits in animals.

– Materia – Understand and recognize what Materia is, how it works and how to create new ones.
– Guardian Force – Understand and recognize the various guardian forces as well as their histories and legends.

– Use the Race List to determine languages. (your free languages are “Central” and your Native tongue.)

Trade Skills
– Magitec- Manipulation of advanced technological systems.


Majik Skills
(Note: To obtain any of the Following Majik Skills you must First get the Knowledge Majik Principal )
– Red Magic
– Black Magic
– White Magic
– Blue Magic

Final Fantasy S SKILLS

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