Kagewaru Kenji

An outcast Kitsune detective


Kagewaru Kenji is an exile from a town of fox-kin-like creatures known as Kitsune. They are as old as time itself and have been Stewards of Gaea the entirety of their existence. As Humes began their rise they tried to stem the tide of what the Humes considered progress but the Kitsune considered rampant destruction and dishonoring of the Mother Gaea. They attacked the Humes and destroyed many of the smaller villages and even managed to cause much havoc in some of the early cities. Unfortunately as with anything, good times and success come to pass. As Humes bred and continued to grow their power, due to the negative effect they had on Gaea energy, The Kitsune’s numbers and powers receded. Eventually the Humes began to actively hunt the Kitsune. On the brink of destruction the Kitsune found the Gaea stone. A magical crystal which exuded the life force of Gaea in its truest form. The Kitsune came at rest at the crystal and began to guard the crystal to assuage their guilt at losing stewardship of the earth.

Seven years prior to the events of the game, Kenji was on normal patrol in the inner regions of the town which had become known as Amphora, when he heard the sounds of explosions coming from the edge of town. Without further investigating, Kenji assumed the village was under attack and despite knowing that one of the village’s laws was to never touch the gaea stone, Kenji picked up the stone and removed it from its sanctuary. He proceeded to another area and hid with the stone protecting in the most direct sense his charge and awaiting the village guard to deal with whomever was attacking.

When the attack was defeated and the villagers returned to their normal duties, one of the priests happened upon Kenji trying to replace the stone. It was then that the priest called for other guards to apprehend Kagewaru and under custody Kenji plead guilty to his crime. And explained to the village council his reasons for removing—let alone touching—the stone. Though the council felt that Kenji’s actions had been done to save the stone and probably did in fact save it. They had to uphold the tenants of the village and thus Kenji was exiled from his village and was sent out with a word of warning about entering Hume territory and his village’s elder gave him a sword. The sword, he said, was one of great renown and was given the name of Kogitsunemaru-‘The fox kit’-by its creator.

It was many weeks later that he happened upon a quaint little fishing village and once he noted not a hume was in sight, bade askance of the village elder to allow him temporary residence. He’d been there for six years hence.

Kagewaru Kenji

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