Final Fantasy S

The Boy from Bermicia

Uzik took from Flynn a device the Veara had stolen from the college an “Etheric Calibrator” a device that can open and close portals on ley lines. Looking over the device the Yuke discovered that an unnatural destabilization has occurred in the lay lines surrounding the town and that if not stopped it could cause a natural disaster to occur. After some time trying to explain this to the others with carefully chosen words that non wizards could understand he convinced them they should all work together to fix this. Omitting that there was the slightest possibility that the banishment spell going wrong in the college could be the reason for the destabilization in the first place.

Vaughan the local healer interrupts the group telling them that Unfa has requested Kenji back at his home. Introducing himself he quickly notices the newcomers in town and offers them hospitality and the chance to resupply at the general store.

He had traveled alone in a small boat from Burmecia in the north. The trip was long and arduous and with his poor heal growing worse each day he feared his trip would all be for not.
Upon arriving in the small Town of Arbordale he was greeted by a fisherman at the docks who helped him moor his boat and seeing the scroll the boy carried immediatly took him to see Unfa. Reading the scroll Unfa seemed unsure that he could be of help to the boy that had already been seen by some of the best Burmecian healers. The Elder considered all that the Burmecian people had done for Arbordale and with a heavy heart agreed to assist the sickly boy. He explained that there was an artifact in the Greater Sealed Temple that might be able to help him. The Nu Mou sent word for Kenji and gave Zakai a special medicine made from the Burmecian Blossom. He gave the boy a recipe to make the medicine should he run out and as Kenji arrived took him for a private word. Unfa explained to Kenji that he was sending both to guard the boy but also because it was likely that only Kenji could open it due to his unique lineage. Kenji accepted the assignment and took Zakai to meet the others.

The group heads into the forest filled with many temple ruins when they are ambushed by strange plant creatures with razor like leaves.

Final Fantasy S Session 1
Lost and Found

Uzik and Flynn
The two meet as each of them are seeking escape from The Great magical collage of Tarqis. One of the flying islands those with the desire to seek training in the magical arts sequester themselves in. Uzik had been in the middle of a ritual demon banishment and was asked to supply a rare “Florian Stone” which he was sure he had brought. Meanwhile Flynn having appropriated the stone along with several other important looking probably magical devices was looking for a way to make his escape. Having stowed away on a flying supply ship which was now gone he needed to seek a way off this sky college. The two met and in the chaos ensued from a botched banishment ritual the two quickly made way for the portal room. As towers exploded and the school halls flooding with fire they leaped without making a proper target. Landing in a deep forest the two quickly became allies as the found their way to the small river town of Arbordale.
Dehaka and Kenji
Both summoned by Arbordale’d Elder a Nu mou named Unfa the two are asked to investigate a disturbance in the energy fields surrounding the town. Arbordale has long taken responsibility for putting to rest angry spirits which may be drawn to the many ruined temples that line the forest around the town. Given a device that can track energy disturbance called a light spindle they head out and are drawn to a small alleyway where both Uzik and Flynn have been trying to come up with a story to tell the locals as to why they have arrived. As the two argue a small rift appears in mid air behind them and strange beings of energy suddenly surrounding them.
Being quick into action Kenji runs to aid them. Dehaka mistaking them for a cute Veara girl and her chocobo prepares himself to be the studly hero coming to their aid.
After a quick battle the Dehaka slaps Flynn’s ass with a healing spell commenting on “her” hotness. A few awkward moments later it is sorted out that everyone present is indeed a sentient male the party is interrupted by Vaughn a Mi’ Qote Healer who teaches in the small healers college in Arbordale.


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